The sudden passing away of a friend to many and football lover for all will leave a void irreplaceable forever.

In the football scene Noel da Lima Leitao’s demise will be felt internationally, will be nationally missed by the Football Fraternity of India and the most hardest hit will be all the football lovers of Goa.

Vasco Sports Club (Goa) has lost a Shining Star. About his association with Vasco Sports Club (Goa), Peter Hutton has aptly quoted


"On his return to India he showed a dedication to the Vasco club in Goa that was as passionate as any I knew. He dedicated himself to the club and was an obsessive supporter, clinging like the truest of fans to the belief that if it wasn't for a swirling conspiracy of referees, federations and opposing teams that his side would reclaim its rightful place at the heart of Indian football.”

This new website is rightful and honorably dedicated to Late Mr., Noel da Lima Leitao and to end it in his own striking words. “Anyone can kick a ball, but not everyone can score a goal.”