Vasco da Gama, the European explorer who discovered the sea route to India, belonged to the Ordem de Cruz de Militar- The Military Order of Christ. Portuguese kings and nobles were patrons and practicing members of this sect.

The Club’s original jersey and that of the Brazillian club is essentially the same, in that it carries in it’s structure the philosophy of the Military order of Christ and it’s distinctive and famous cross.

The predominantly black jersey worn by players in away fixtures signifies darkness, evil and ignorance. The white sash running across from left shoulder to right hip signifies a ray of light that obliterates darkness and evil and brings enlightenment, learning and civilization.

At the heart of the white sash is the famous cross, which in the darkness and ignorance of away venues brings light and with it hope, learning and enlightenment.

The home kit is in the reverse and signifies that the away team is brining darkness and ignorance to the club’s ground that is already bathed  in enlightenment and hope. The Cross of the Military order will vanquish and subjugate the visiting powers of evil.

Players and opponents alike bear testament to an ‘unknown’ force that seizes Vasco Sports Club players and propels them to perform better than they thought possible.