Vasco Sports Club has foreseen the tides of change in terms of player loyalties, transfer rules that would make it difficult for the club to hold on to it’s big name players, who in today’s world change clubs like one changes clothes.

Their reaction was to get involved seriously involved in Youth Development program, which in 2009 introduced it’s latest entity- The Vasco Sports Club- Football Academy.

The prime focus of the Academy is to produce players competent enough to compete at the highest levels the club will have them represent, and to become a player factory catering to the demand of quality players by other clubs in the country.

With the quality and quantity of homegrown talents included in the Professional squad increasing, the Academy seeks to attract the very best of young Goan talent to wear the famous black and white.

With a technical, tactical, physical and psychological benchmark established to be incepted into the Academy, the finished products of the Academy promise to be the very best around in the coming years.

The players in the youth set up come from varying socio-economic backgrounds, but share a common love of the game and a common need to succeed in the sport. Vasco Sports Club indiscriminately chooses who we deem the best to represent us, and provide them a pedestal to showcase their ability.

The Academy looks to establish strong associations with educational institutes, interest groups and affiliates that will see it undertake a greater number of players to be groomed and developed, while providing the players the best of opportunities that in other life will not be available to them, though these associates.