Vasco Sports Club has come a long way since the discussion that took place in the military garrison of Marmagoa between a group of officers, whose idea was to from a Club.

Discussion turned to action and Tenete Avila, a Portuguese officer and eventually the clubs first President, took the initiative to register the Club in Vasco. The process of registration started in 1948 and was finally certified on the 1st of September 1951.

And ever since the militant commandant of Estado da India Portuguesa sanctioned the club, it has gone on to becoming one of the most popular and recognized football clubs in Goa and India.

Founded as Clube Desportos Vasco da Gama, named after the town, which happens to be named after the famous explorer Vasco da Gama, who we have all read in our history books in school, is the first European to find the route to India in 1498.

The club shares a very close affinity to Clube de Regattas Vasco da Gama of Rio, Brazil, as the club dawns the same colours as the famous Brazillian football club- apart from laying emphasis on the same sports as Brallian club, that is basketball, volleyball and football.

With the government forming the Conselho de Desportos da India (Sports Council of Portuguese India)in 1951, who launched the All Goa Football league, C.D Vasco was the first club to register. This also brought about the consideration that the club gives more importance to football.

Goa’s oldest club has attracted the best players in the country time and again- and has proven it’s supremacy in the sport in past by winning accolades and tournaments in all corners of the country concerned with the beautiful game.