Welcome to Vasco Sports Club. This is the biggest football club of the people of Vasco. This club has a dedicated fan following originating within Vasco and having a strong fan following and dedicated supporters from all over Goa and abroad. The Vasco Sports Club is a football (soccer) club from the port city of Vasco in South Goa, India.

A Portuguese Background.
Vasco Sports Club had its original beginnings way back in 1951 while the Portuguese were still ruling over Goa. The original founders of this football sports club in Goa was due to the efforts of humble local residents from the port town of Vasco da Gama more popularly known as Vasco in short. Football overcomes boundaries too and hence a Portuguese garrison Mr. Tenente Avila stationed in Vasco along with the local residents formed a football club called Clube de Desportos Vasco da Gama.

A Brazilian Connection
Interesting Vasco Sports Club was named after the famous Brazilian club, Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama formed on August 21 1898 and similar colors were adopted by it. The inspiration for present day Vasco Sports Club was the Brazilian sports club from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, founded on August 21, 1898....

A Glorious History
During the last five decades the club participated in most of the major tournaments in India. The sixties and seventies were the most productive years for the club and they won some of the major tournaments during that time like the Kerala Trophy, Stafford Cup, Bandodkar Gold Trophy, Chakola Gold Trophy and Sait-Nagjee Trophy.

A Shining Star
As far as honors at home go, the club won the Goa Football Association league title on six different occasions starting in 1954 until 1969 and is the Club still participating in the State's top League competition, never once having been demoted.